We would love to help you find the perfect home for you. Just let us know your requirements, anything that’s important to you. We’ll then send the properties that are right for you. All at no cost to the buyer.
When you see something you like, we’ll show it to you. Once you have decided on some homes that you are interested in, you can depend on us to give you a professional opinion regarding price, location, and condition of the properties that you are considering. When it comes time to make an offer we will make sure you are pre-approved for a loan, explain all forms and contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and much more.

    When you enlist our assistance buying your home, we will help your purchase go smoothly by providing these and more services
    • Analyzing your neighborhood and home needs
    • Assisting in mortgage pre-approval
    • Providing local information and input
    • Home buying tours
    • Discussing the pros and cons of individual homes with you
    • Presenting, negotiating and evaluating offers and counteroffers
    • Communicating with your loan officer, listing agent, lawyer and other appropriate personnel upon contract acceptance
    • Attending inspections
    • Negotiating repairs and/or negotiating a lower price to if appraisal is lower than contract price
    • Coordinating the closing process
    • Reviewing closing documents
    • Letting you know what to bring to closing
    • Attending closing
    • Verifying recordation and notifying you
    • Facilitating transfer of keys, gate and garage openers, etc.

    5 Costly Mistakes First-Time Buyers Make


    Ignoring the costs of having a low credit score.

    Lower-score borrowers pay thousands of dollars in increased interest rates over the life of the loan.


    Muddying the waters by shopping for other things before closing.

    Lenders continue to check credit scores right up until the time of closing. Too much shopping could cause the lender to take back the loan.


    Scrimping on an inspection.

    Being surprised by the need for expensive repairs can be financially devastating.


    Buying without contingencies.

    Buyers should give themselves an out if the inspection turns up problems or the bank raises the interest rates.


    No money for insurance.

    Insurance can be surprisingly pricey. Buyers who don’t budget for it can face a nasty surprise.

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